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2023 3-Week Design Build and Purely Post & Beam Course Deposit

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The first two weeks of this intensive course provides you with extensive home building knowledge from site planning to foundations, insulation, engineering, design, wiring, plumbing, tool knowledge and the ability to design, build & raise your home. Whether you have been dreaming of building a home or are already heavily involved in the building industry thus course will provide a new understanding of construction and confidence in your ability to complete a project.


In the last week of this course we start with raw lumber, and in five days cut and raise two 24'x24' timber frames by hand. The days are spent on site designing, cutting, and raising a post and beam frame. You will learn to select, use, and care for a complete set of timber framing tools, that are included with the course. After the sharpening workshop you'll be able to shave with your chisels. In five short days, you will turn fresh lumber into a carefully crafted house frame and leave knowing how to design and build your own.


Tools included with course:

  • Silky Zorin Timber Frame Saw
  • 1-1/2-in Beveled Timber Framing Chisel by Barr or Robert Sorby
  • 2-in Beveled Timber Framing Chisel by Barr or Robert Sorby
  • 1-7/8-Slick by Robert Sorby
  • The Shelter Sharpening Kit of float glass with fine and coarse grit sandpaper and a leather strop
  • Abrasive Powder for Strop
  • Wood-is-Good Mallet 30 oz
  • 12-in Combination Square
  • Aluminum Rafter Square (this is not the best tool for the job but it will do; our favorite is the SHINWA Framing Square)
  • Pocket Plane by Kunz
  • Tape Measure Fat Max 35-ft
  • Utility Knife
  • Extra-Long Tool Bag
  • Veritas MK II Honing Guide

We have also curated a collection of books that will be especially useful to you in your building endeavors and they are included.

If you are looking to register multiple people for this class you must make the quantity equal to the number of people you are trying to register. We will apply the "couples rate" to your remaining balance. 

This price is for the deposit only. The total price of this course is $5,000 per person or $8,000 total for couples(2). The remaining balance after your deposit must be paid by the time the class starts. You can call and pay anytime or pay once you arrive for the class.

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These tools, toys and supplies are in constant use by our students, timber framing crews, and family. At Shelter Tools, we have a working knowledge of every product we sell. Graduates will find particular items recommended in class and on site.

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