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Ryoba Handsaws

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The Ryoba Razorsaw by Gyokucho is a combination saw with a two sided blade for efficient cross-cutting and ripping. The blade can be angled so hard-to-reach cuts are more accessible. The blade is particularly thin, so it creates a thin kerf and the width of the blade provides stiffness for straight accurate cuts. The teeth on both the ripping blade and the crosscut blade are graduated growing larger from the handle to the tip of the blade for smoother easier cut-starts.

This saw comes in a variety of sizes and two different types of teeth. One designed for all kinds of wood. The other is specifically designed to hold up well when cutting primarily or exclusively hardwood. All of the blades and handles are interchangeable so it is ideal to purchase one saw and then any additional possible blades that you might need. When disassembled, this saw fits perfectly in a saw wrap.

The 210 mm Ryoba is the smallest in this category, it has the shortest stroke-length and finest tooth configuration--8 and 17 teeth-per-inch--for precise cutting. Ideal for finish carpentry, it will be a welcome addition to any fine woodworker's collection.
Overall Length: 21-1/2-inch
Blade Length: 8-1/4-in
Handle Length: 13-1/2in

The 240 mm Ryoba is the next size up with 15 TPI crosscut blade and an 8 TPI rip blade it is more of a general carpentry saw with a fine cut. This size is particularly versatile
Overall Length: 23-7/8-inch
Blade Length: 9-1/2-in
Handle Length:14-1/2-in

The 270 mm Ryoba is the next size up with 10 TPI crosscut blade and an 6 TPI rip blade it is more of a general carpentry saw with a fine cut. This size is particularly versatile
Overall Length: 26inch
Blade Length: 10-1/2-in
Handle Length:15-1/2-in

The 300 mm Ryoba is the largest with 8 TPI crosscut blade and an 7 TPI rip blade it is more of a timber framing or large woodworking saw. Every timber framer on our crew has one in his tool chest.
Overall Length: 27-3/8 inch
Blade Length: 11-3/4-in
Handle Length:15-1/2-in

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