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Reciprocating Saw Blade for Wood by Z-Saw

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The Japanese saw manufacturer Z-Saw has developed a line of reciprocating saw blades that all cut on the pull stroke. They are genius!

These reciprocating saw blades are impulse-hardened and cut in the same way that the Japanese hand saws cut -- on the pull-stroke. We have three different tooth-patterns in varying-sided teeth. All three blades are 8-in long. Reach for these blades when you are doing general carpentry and framing, limbing a tree or need to make a fine cut with no tear-out.

Use: Ideal for finer cuts with minimal splitting.
Length: 8-in (210 mm)
Pitch: 1/16-in (2.15 mm)
Thickness: 1/32-in (0.80 mm)

Coarse: 1/8-in (3-mm)
Use: Sharply ground teeth and round fore-blade are ideal for conventional woodworking.
Length: 8-in (210 mm)
Pitch: 1/16-in (3.00 mm)
Thickness: 1/32-in (0.90 mm)
This blade has a teeth that wrap up the tip for scratching or starting in the middle of a piece of wood.

Coarse Pruning: 1/8-in (3-mm)
Use: Ideal for pruning trees with great efficiency.
Length: 8-in (210 mm)
Pitch: 1/16-in (3.00 mm)
Thickness: 1/32-in (0.90 mm)

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