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Soft Wax

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The perfect wax for furniture refinishing, sealing Real Milk Paint, or top-coating other paints. A soft wax made primarily of bee’s wax and just a bit of carnauba wax without the harsh solvent smell. Available in Clear, Dark Brown, Gray, White, and Ebony. Soft Wax provides a matte sheen but dries hard and has a long working time. The Clear wax does not turn white in deep crevices. Great for creating a patina where you want it!

Soft Finishing Wax Sealant

Refinish furniture in beauty and style by using Soft Wax by the Real Milk Paint Co. Designed for sealing Real Milk Paint covered surfaces, our completely oil-free soft finishing wax formulation includes mostly beeswax with just a bit of carnauba paste wax for a highly protective finish that doesn’t have a harsh solvent smell. This furniture finishing and refinishing essential keeps the color of painted surfaces true over time and dries hard to a matte sheen, but it has a long working time so you have an ample window in which to finish your projects.

Versatile Colors

Enhance projects with our soft finishing wax colors to create unique handmade or upcycled pieces. Besides a standard clear coat formulation, our finishing wax comes in ebony, dark brown, gray, and white to cover the basic shades, and you can mix these colors with each other and even experiment with adding pigments when you need a custom hue for your next big project. For added versatility, our clear coat option doesn’t turn white in deep crevices, ensuring carved pieces retain their beauty and shine with just a little elbow grease.

Highly Protective Soft Finishing Wax

Rely on our xax to protect surfaces painted with Real Milk Paint®, chalk or acrylic paint from a variety of everyday hazards. This furniture wax creates a barrier between your furniture and the elements, boosting protection against scratches, stains, and water, and in the process, it also provides a soft, lustrous shine that helps your pieces look their best. The colored formulations have the added benefit of aiding you in concealing previous damage for a simple way to shine up timeworn pieces you’re not ready to refinish quite yet. Alternatively, use the colored soft waxes to highlight details or add depth and character to the aesthetic of the piece.

Useful in DIY Distressing Projects

Put our soft finishing wax to work in the standard way, polish up furnishings that need a bit of shine, or use our formulations in uniquely artistic ways. For instance, our wax works well on distressing projects when you need a resist medium. Simply add the finishing wax to the surface you’re covering with Real Milk Paint® before you brush on the paint and the section you painted over lets the waxed portion show through. Our darker hues also work well for adding a hint of age and patina to newer or refinished pieces.


Utilize the matte sheen-inducing power of our Soft Wax Sealant quickly and effectively to polish up previously waxed pieces or refinish freshly painted surfaces. No matter the project you have in mind, Soft Wax Sealant by the Real Milk Paint Co. goes on smoothly and wipes off effortlessly for frustration-free furniture refinishing experience.

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. Clean the surface thoroughly to remove any dust and debris.
  2. Grab a brush or rag and apply Soft Wax Sealant onto the surface.
  3. Work the medium into corners to ensure an even coat.
  4. Buff off the excess Soft Wax Sealant with a clean cloth.
  5. To remove Soft Wax Sealant, wipe the surface with Citrus Solvent or Odorless Mineral Spirits.
  6. BONUS: If you’re adding the colored waxes to your piece, we recommend applying a layer of the clear soft wax first, then applying the tinted version. This allows for easier application, adjustment, removal of the colored wax if needed.


4 oz covers approximately 50 sq. feet
16 oz covers approximately 150 sq. feet

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