Solo Stove Heat Deflector
Solo Stove Heat Deflector
Solo Stove Heat Deflector
Solo Stove Heat Deflector

Solo Stove Heat Deflector

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Bonfire’s signature heat redirected for more fireside warmth. Heat Deflector magnifies Bonfire’s heat radius to make room for extra company or outdoor comfort in every season.

Specially designed to complement Solo Stove Signature 360° Airflow technology, our engineers considered every aspect of your fire pit experience. Angled deflection, to yield the most fireside warmth. More heat, so your good moments can last a little longer.

As hot air rises and scatters, Heat Deflector captures and redirects the warmth to where you need it most. The precision-angle center cone and deflection disc are designed to tame the aimless heat so you can easily find fireside comfort.


Constructed from 304 stainless steel, Heat Deflector is built to last a lifetime of good moments alongside Bonfire.


Compatible with most Bonfire accessories, Heat Deflector adapts to your fire pit experience. Place the deflection disc over Bonfire with Hub, or directly on the flame ring with detachable legs. Detachable legs latch and lock into place without extra tools or accessories so warming up is still as simple as lighting the fire.

Stow in station , handle with gloves, or refuel with fire pit tools. Heat Deflector’s collapsible and accessible design compliments your favorite Solo Stove accessories.

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