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The Joy of Tiny House Living: Everything You Need to Know Before Taking the Plunge

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Your indispensable manual for tiny house living!

  • Comprehensive review of the practical considerations that go into building, owning, and living in a tiny home on wheels
  • What it means to upgrade to tiny, and what you should know about design, construction, and the legalities of living in a tiny home
  • First-hand information from people in the tiny house movement addressing how to deal with the inevitable challenges of living your tiny house dream
  • Author Chris Schapdick is the founder of Tiny Industrial, a tiny house building company, and he was awarded the "Best Tiny House Award" by the New Jersey Tiny House Festival in 2017


The tiny house movement continues to grow and thrive. Are you ready to go tiny? If you're considering joining the small home lifestyle, you have many decisions to make before you can realize your dream: Is tiny living right for me? What kind of structure should I build? Where can I park my tiny house? And what about the toilet?

The Joy of Tiny House Living is today's indispensable manual for fully understanding all the practical considerations that go into building, owning, and living in a tiny home on wheels. This book will help you learn everything you need to know about the challenges of tiny living and discover how other people in the tiny house movement are finding answers to the same questions.

Award-winning tiny house builder Chris Schapdick offers first-hand information to help tiny home aspirants realize the dream, with advice on design, construction, legalities of living in a tiny home, and how to deal with some of the inevitable challenges of living tiny.

Upgrading to small has many benefits for those who are well informed—that's where this book can help!

Learn everything you need to know about tiny house living, including:

  • Why you should go tiny—and how
  • Advice on downsizing and clutter-free living
  • Creative tiny house design ideas and basic structure layouts
  • Heating, cooling, water, and power options
  • Kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom solutions


"I aim to align myself with people that inspire. You should always look for those with that mad scientist gleam. Chris has it, and he's about to share it with you."
—Derek "Deek" Diedricksen, author of Microshelters and Micro Living, former host of HGTV's Tiny House Builders

"The Joy of Tiny House Living is filled to the rafters with practical advice, personal experience, important questions to ponder, and fabulous photos that will inspire and prepare you to embark on your own tiny house journey."
—Susan Schaefer Bernardo, author of The Big Adventures of Tiny House

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