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12 Spoons 2 Bowls and a Knife: 15 Step-by-Step, Handcarved Projects for the Kitchen

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Woodcarving projects for your kitchen!

  • 15 stunning projects for kitchen accessories, including sugar spoons, jam knives, salad servers, and more
  • Collaborative compilation of favorite woodcarving projects from the archives of the acclaimed Woodcarving Illustrated magazine
  • Step-by-step instructions and photos, materials and tools lists, and patterns for each project
  • Projects from talented wood artists, craftsmen, and contributors to Woodcarving Illustrated


Transform a block of wood into a beautiful, functional heirloom-to-be!

A compilation of woodcarving projects from various artists, 12 Spoons, 2 Bowls, and a Knife features 15 step-by-step, beginner-friendly projects ranging from rustic coffee scoops and simple lovespoons to salad servers, cereal spoons, bread bowls, and jam spreaders! Projects include a Stylized Sugar Spoon, an "Everything" Spoon, a Walnut Soup Scoop, Hardwood Salad Servers, a Cherry Leaf Bowl, and more.

Showcasing beautiful work from an array of talented wood artists, craftsmen, and Woodcarving Illustrated contributors, this guide is a must-have for carvers of every skill level. The book opens with a section on common carving tools, basic cuts, and safety, and each project that follows contains step-by-step instructions, coordinating photography, expert tips, and patterns. The 15 projects feature a variety of spoon types and styles that are both attractive and completely functional for everyday use, from simple pocket spoons and coffee scoops to salad servers and cereal spoons. You'll find contributions by David Western, Elizabeth Sherman, Kevin Kaminski, Emmet Van Driesche, Karen Henderson, Chris Lubkemann, Saskia De Jager, Mark Ivan Fortune, Emilie Rigby, Josh Rittenhouse, Brian Bailey, Luke Voytas, Brad Tremblay, Shirley Adler, and Jon Mac.

The projects inside this book were chosen to exemplify both beauty and functionality. Included are a range of utilitarian and decorative spoon designs with different functions—from a pair of hardwood salad servers to a rustic coffee scoop to a measuring spoon shaped like a fishtail—to show just how versatile the spoon can be. Because these projects boast straightforward designs and require very few tools to complete, they're the perfect way to introduce beginners to carving as an art form, allowing novices the opportunity to walk away from their first carving session with a finished piece to show for it.

Once you've carved the 12 spoon projects, try out the two very different bowl designs and whittle a quick-carve jam spreader out of a birch twig. Deck out your kitchen with even more handcarved items, with the bonus fork project! Ditch those plastic utensils for a more sustainable alternative that's actually fun to use—because you made it yourself.

Learn the fundamental techniques you need for carving, then create your own beautiful wooden spoons, bowls, and knives that you can use every day, all with 12 Spoons, 2 Bowls, and a Knife!

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