1200/8000 Grit Kitayama Stone

1200/8000 Grit Kitayama Stone

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The Kitayama stone's name originates from the North Mountain (Kitayama) in Kyoto, where some of the best natural stones are found. Although the Kitayama stone is not 100% natural stone, it contains natural stone powder to give customers the benefits without the risks. The Kitayama stone contains Magnesium salts that makes it the softest in the market.

This 1200/8000 grit stone is an ideal grinding and polishing stone for general use. You may consider picking up a coarser grit if you get nicks or need to reshape your blade.

Exquisitely packaged, this stone comes with a non-slip pad to ensure your stone stays put when in use. It does not need to be soaked prior to use. Simply pour a bit of water on the surface and start sharpening. The maker would like beginners to use this stone to learn the sterling qualities of Japanese waterstones.

Length: 8-in (205mm)
Width: 2-1/2-in (65mm)
Heightt: 1-1/2-in (35mm)

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