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Art of the Chicken Coop: A Fun and Essential Guide to Housing Your Peeps (Fox Chapel Publishing) 7 Step-by-Step Coops, Expert Profiles, & Practical Information to Keeping Chickens in Your Backyard

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A fresh approach to designing and building chicken coops!

  • 7 step-by-step designs for various coops, including one with a nest box, one with a small footprint, one with three levels, and more
  • Profiles of chicken keepers provide helpful advice gleaned from personal experience
  • 200 photos of coops, runs, construction, design ideas, chicken breeds, and more
  • Inspiration and encouragement in the form of fun information, helpful sidebars, and tidbits provided throughout

Keeping chickens—even for city dwellers—is a hobby that just keeps on growing! With this book, today's modern backyard farmer will find plans and construction techniques for making seven different chicken coops, along with interesting chicken facts and great recipes for all those eggs!

Farm-raised woodworker and author Chris Gleason has a hip eye for design and uses sound woodworking techniques that make the coops both attractive and sturdy. Practical information such as how to properly size a coop and how to source reclaimed materials is included.

Don't miss the author's "tour de coop" where he visits coops from other backyard farmers to find out why they keep chickens and what lessons they have to share with others interested in doing the same.

This fresh approach to designing and building chicken coops includes seven stylish designs that your flock will adore and your neighbors will envy. Hop on board the backyard chicken raising trend! Use your woodworking skills and the fun designs in this book to build your flock a comfy new home.

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