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Basic Timber Frame Tool Kit The ideal kit to get you started

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Because of shortages in raw material and disruptions in manufacturing we do not have an adequate supply of chisels on hand on a regular basis. However, if you would like to purchase a kit we can ship you all of the items that are in stock and ship any backordered items when we receive them. Please send an email to info@shelterinstitute.com for more information on backordered items or to process the purchase of a kit with backordered items shipped separately. 

After 30+ years of teaching people the art and craft of timber framing, we have assembled a couple of timber-framing-tool-kits to get you started. We know that tool selection is very personal and for you tool geeks out there, this is truly just a taste of the selection of tools you may want for timber framing but we have picked some of our favorites in terms of overall use, durability and ease of maintenance.

Our Basic Timber Frame Tool Kit is ideal for the individual who owns a nice selection of tools and just needs a few items specific to timber framing. This kit includes the following tools with a 10% discount off of the regular retail price:

- Silky Zorin Timber Frame Saw
- 1-1/2-in Beveled Timber Framing Chisel by Robert Sorby
- 1-7/8-in Slick by Robert Sorby
- the Shelter sharpening Kit including a piece of float glass with a piece of course and a piece of fine wet dry sandpaper on either side and a leather strop
- Abrasive Powder for Strop
- Wood-is-Good Mallet 30 oz
- Extra-Long Tool Bag
- MK II Honing Guide by Veritas
- Shinwa Framing

We recently added the Shinwa Framing Square because it is extremely accurate relative to some of the more commonly found counterparts. A true square is invaluable in laying out joinery on timbers. 

If you wish to swap out one of the items in the tool kit, that is possible but you need to call the store to make this arrangement. 207-442-7938

Our Promise To You.

If it is for sale in our store -- it is because we use it and love it!

We are happy to share our experiences with these tools which may enhance your own. Given care, maintenance, and love, each of these fine tools is capable of lasting a lifetime. We do limit warranties to those offered by our supplying manufacturers. If ever you have a question or concern regarding any of the tools we sell, please let us know.

Online. On Campus. On The Job Site.

These tools, toys and supplies are in constant use by our students, timber framing crews, and family. At Shelter Tools, we have a working knowledge of every product we sell. Graduates will find particular items recommended in class and on site.

If you don't see the tools or items you need, we can find it for you. Write us or call us anytime.