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Boos Block Cutting Board Rustic Maple 1887 Collection

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1887 Maple Rustic Edge Cutting Board by John Boos A new kitchen staple with the beauty of maple! Any old or new kitchen could use a little bit of nature’s touch, one way or another. The 1887 Maple Rustic-Edge 13" Cutting Board by John Boos is a great starting point in making big enough changes to everyday living. Around every edge, top to bottom, the cutting board is one solid piece of hard rock maple – but even with such high-quality craftsmanship sculpted into its smooth, all-natural surface, the energy costs and the materials used were about 25% less compared to other varieties. The environment benefits greatly from such improvements, no matter how big or small. And with Boos, there’s character in their cutting boards, and a lot of it: the uniqueness of the materials used is found only in the beauty of nature. With a little skillful guidance thrown in, materials like this are shaped for beautiful, long-lasting benefits. Absorbed into those smooth, tough fibers of the maple cutting board is boos block cream finish with beeswax, a final touch to enhance the inherent attractiveness of the wood. So, throw down the John Boos 1887 Maple Rustic-Edge 13" Cutting Board anywhere with any side just before getting knee-deep in the messy work of cutting or chopping up fruits, vegetables, or meats.

- Northern hard rock maple
- All-natural wood full of unique character
- Reversible, rustic-edge design
- Energy efficient – 25% less carbon footprint & less waste
- Finished with boos block cream w/ beeswax
- Natural variations in grain, color, and features
- Weight: 8 lbs.
- Dimensions: 13” x 12” x 1.75”
- Made in USA
- Item #: MPL-RST1312175

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