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Building Your Tiny House Dream: Design and Build a Camper-Style Tiny House with Your Own Hands (Creative Homeowner) Comprehensive Guide to Constructing a Small Home on Wheels, from Start to Finish

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The comprehensive how-to guide to building your own tiny home on wheels!

  • KNOW BEFORE YOU BUILD - Learn about all the tools you'll need and find information on essential skills, safety, costs, and resources
  • TAKE A PRACTICAL TOUR - Explore detailed photos of a lived-in version of the same tiny house you'll learn to build in the book
  • STEP-BY-STEP PHOTOS - Follow the entire tiny house building process from start to finish, along with cost and time estimates for each construction phase
  • FROM START TO FINISH - Each section on building your tiny home is carefully laid out in progression, from laying the foundation, framing, and roofing to plumbing, towing, and more
  • LEARN FROM AN EXPERT "Best Tiny House Award" winning author Chris Shapdick is the founder of Tiny Industrial, a tiny house building company

You've decided the tiny lifestyle is for you, and you're ready to finally make it happen. But how? Enter Building Your Tiny House Dream!

Building Your Tiny House Dream is the ultimate resource that will walk you through the entire construction process of building the tiny house of your dreams from start to finish! Packed with over 380 color phots and illustrations, and combining the "why" with the "how to," this book shows you each and every step to creating your own custom camper, so you can start enjoying the benefits of a tiny house.

Award-winning tiny home builder Chris Schapdick ("Best Tiny House Award," New Jersey Tiny House Festival, 2017) provides inspiring and detailed chapters that cover the fundamentals and everything you'll need to know before you begin building. Part one provides detailed guidance on essential information, from the skills needed and planning to tools, safety, and helpful resources. You'll also get to tour through the home of a couple who lives full-time in the same tiny house you'll learn to build so that you can see a real-life application of the space.

The second part of the book is where the fun really begins, with every single step for building your own personal tiny house laid out in careful progression. From creating the foundation, framing, and roofing to installing floors and doors, building furniture, and adding personality, you'll soon be able to truly call this tiny home on wheels your own and take it on the road wherever you want to go! You'll also find valuable information on kitchen and bathroom options for a small space. The total build costs less than $5,000 and takes just one month of full-time labor.

With this complete guide, you'll be able to turn your tiny house dream into a reality. Learn how to build your own tiny home with your own two hands, with Building Your Tiny House Dream!

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