Bungalow Plans

Bungalow Plans

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By Christian & Christen Gladu
Gibbs-Smith Publishers, 2002
Soft cover, 9.75" x 9.75", 136 pages

The bungalow, popularized nearly a century ago for its simplicty, informality, and commonsense approach to life, has lain dormant in the hearts of America for fifty years. Today our yearning for the reinvention of home has revived the bungalow and the lifestyle it represents. However, simply reproducing the bungalow unchanged from its original appearance would ignore the lessons we have learned and deny how our culture has evolved.

The homes featured in this book illustrate how designers, homeowners, and builders have reinterpreted the bungalow philosophy for a new legacy of homes and communities that generations will cherish. Crafting a new bungalow is the synthesis of nature, family, design, and craftsmanship rolled into one swift motion, making Morris's and Stickley's philosophies of respect for the beauty of fine craftsmanship and reverence for natural materials as relevant today as they were a century ago.

ISBN: 1-58685-147-0

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