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Carving Deer: Patterns and Reference for Realistic Woodcarving

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Celebrate the natural beauty of wild deer as you create your own magnificent woodcarvings!

  • Patterns for lifelike, detailed carvings
  • Reference photos of bucks, fawns, does, tails, and antlers from multiple angles
  • Anatomy sketches and movement studies
  • Step-by-step practice project of a buck
  • Expert carving tips for eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and antlers
  • Texturing, painting, and finishing techniques
  • Color photos of finished carvings to inspire your work


Join award-winning woodcarver Desiree Hajny as she reveals her artistic approach to carving majestic white-tailed deer!

Desiree is well known for her lifelike, richly detailed animal carvings. Now she shares her knowledge and carving secrets with you in this handy reference guide.

Inside Carving Deer, you'll find ready-to-use carving patterns for making beautifully realistic bucks, does, and fawns. Clear reference photos provide inspiring views of deer from all angles, and color-coded anatomy sketches help you to understand how they move.

Deer are an all-time favorite subject for wildlife artists and aspiring woodcarvers, and Desiree offers expert tips for carving the challenging details of a deer, like their eyes, nose, and mouth, along with texturing, painting, and finishing techniques.

Not for beginners, Carving Deer offers a high-level artistic reference guide for intermediate to advanced woodcarvers. With the detailed patterns, multiple-angle reference photos, color-coded anatomy sketches, and expert tips for texturing, painting, and finishing inside this book, you'll soon be creating your own original works!

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