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Carving the Human Face, Second Edition, Revised & Expanded: Capturing Character and Expression in Wood (Fox Chapel Publishing) Step-by-Step Tips & Techniques for Woodcarving Realistic Facial Features

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Learn how to carve realistic faces in wood—from a master!

  • Your ultimate resource to carving lifelike human portraits in wood
  • Shaping techniques for detailed facial features, hair, skin, muscles, and accessories
  • Expert tips for using tools, sketching designs, fixing common mistakes, and more
  • Practice project for a Native American warrior, step-by-step, from start to finish
  • Inspiring gallery of author and master carver Jeff Phares' amazing work


Gain the skills you need to hand-carve faces in wood with this newly expanded and revised edition of Carving the Human Face!

Offering a wealth of how-to information for woodworkers and woodcarving artists, this book is your ticket to creating realistic portraits while learning from a world champion carver known for his life-like wood busts.

This updated edition includes new wood carving patterns and photographs, in addition to valuable information on techniques for sculpting the eyes, nose, mouth, hair, skin, muscle, hats, headdresses, and more. Opening with a gallery—never before published—of author Jeff Phares' remarkable hand-carved wooden sculptures of cowboys, frontiersmen, and Native Americans, this book will inspire you to begin hand-carving your own works of wooden art.

Chronicling over 250 steps and stages of carving a face—broken down into eight sections—this visual reference guide provides clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Helpful tips for sketching your design, choosing wood, avoiding and fixing common mistakes, proper tool use, and explanations of facial anatomy and how it relates to carving masks and busts are all included. An in-depth step-by-step project with over 350 photos will guide you from a block of butternut to a finished Native American warrior wearing a wolf headdress.

Author Jeff Phares is a professional, award-winning woodcarver known for his realistic carvings of Native Americans, frontiersmen, and soldiers. He travels across the country instructing carvers in making human busts and is a renowned expert in the wood carving community.

Carving the Human Face will thrill any woodcarving enthusiast, giving you the opportunity to learn how to create lifelike human features in wood from one of the country's best realistic carvers!

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