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Crafting with Gourds: Building, Painting, and Embellishing Birdhouses, Flowerpots, Wind Chimes, and More

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Transform ordinary gourds into extraordinary art!

  • 14 step-by-step projects with bright, beautiful project photography
  • Learn to make delightful wind chimes, birdhouses, pitchers, flower pots & decorative figures
  • Covers a variety of color media, including colored pencils, watercolor, acrylics, oils, pastels, gel pens, & more
  • Explains all the gourd basics including selection, cleaning, cutting, shaping, surface prep, transferring designs, & finishing

Crafting with Gourds will teach you an amazing array of techniques for creating unique and attractive décor! This complete artist's guide to gourd crafting provides useful tips & techniques on a wide range of color media, from craft acrylics and artist's oils to pastels, watercolors, colored pencils, gel pens, and more.

Featuring bright and clear project photography, this comprehensive crafting manual explores a wide variety of coloration options for each gourd decoration method. Learn interesting ways to blow, dab, drip, and splatter paint to make spectacular effects. Discover how to add 3D texture and sculpt exquisite gourd art that is both visually and tangibly fascinating.

Legendary crafting artist Lora S. Irish provides authoritative advice, explaining all the basics, from gourd selection and preparation to materials, supplies, and construction methods. Lora guides you through 14 step-by-step projects showing how to create natural, seasonal décor using versatile techniques for colorizing, texturizing, and sculpting.

Inside Crafting with Gourds, you'll learn how to make stunning birdhouses, wind chimes, pitchers, flowerpots, and more—all from ordinary gourds!

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