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Gatemouth Tool Bag

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Better than a tool box.

Yes, we agree this bag is better than a toolbox--it will protect your tools as well as the upholstery on your carseat. This bag is available in xx different length depending on your needs. The largest is 24-inches long and can take tools most toolboxes cannot, like hand saws, timber frame chisels and slicks, and long-handled hammers. Three velcro flap pockets on the side of the bag hold fasteners and small hand tools safely.

The heavy duty nylon fabric will hold up to years of demanding use. Padded, rigid bottom protects tools and floors. The oversize zipper adds a secure feature for travel. Straps and loops on the side allow for oversize tools to hang on the outside of the bag.

Gatemouth 12
-12-inW x 7-D x 9-H
- 7 Liters of Storage Space
- 16 pockets

Gatemouth 13
- 13-inW x 8-inD x 10inH
- 8 Liters of Storage Space
- 6 pockets

Gatemouth 16
- 16-in W x 9-in D x 12-in H
- 15 Liters of Storage Space
- 16 pockets
- Removeable padded should strap
- Available in brown or Camo

Gatemouth 20
- 20-in W x 12-in D x 14-in H
- 32 Liters of Storage Space
- 36 pockets
- Removeable padded should strap

Gatemouth 24
- 24-in W x 10-in D x 11-in H
- 20 Liters of Storage Space
- 16 pockets
- Removeable padded should strap

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