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Growing Green

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Author: Jenny Hall and Iain Tolhurst
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing, 2006
Soft Cover, 6.0"x 9.0", 328 pages

The complete guide to animal-free organic gardening, Growing Green introduces the concept of stock free (animal-free) organic and shows that when growers abandon the use of slaughterhouse by-products and manures, as well as chemicals and genetically modified seed, they can be rewarded with healthier crops and fewer weeds, pests, and diseases.

In an age where dreams of self-sufficiency seem unattainable, Growing Green shows that making a living by growing organic vegetables can be achieved by anyone. Until now there have been no comprehensive guidelines on how to follow organic practices at the different scales of vegetable productions using tractors, small machinery, and hand tools. This is an essential guide to organic growing, perfect for absolute beginners as well as professional market gardeners.

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