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Joy of Chip Carving: Step-by-Step Instructions & Designs from a Master Carver

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The masterwork of the leading icon in wood chip carving, Wayne Barton.

  • Barton Capitals and Foliated Alphabet templates are included, both highly sought after and never before published
  • Barton's philosophies, knowledge, and expert instruction on line, design, carving, finishing, and much more
  • Inspirational gallery of Barton's finished work, packed with high-quality photos of his stunning creations
  • Step-by-step project for a candleholder to illustrate the process of layout, carving, and finishing
  • The fundamentals of tools and materials, sharpening, how to hold knives, and more
  • The founder of The Alpine School of Woodcarving, Wayne Barton is a renowned wood chip carving artist with 7 popular books published in 6 countries

Inside Joy of Chip Carving, Wayne Barton's final book, Barton offers his expert instruction and inspiration based on a lifetime of study, understanding, practice, and achievement.

Detailing his philosophies and methodologies on line and design, how to layout, carve, and finish, and even including his highly sought-after Barton Capitals and Foliated Alphabet templates that have never before been published, this is the must-have magnum opus of one of America's artistic wood chip carving icons. Follow his step-by-step instructions for laying out, carving, and finishing a candleholder to facilitate your understanding of the process, then delight in an incredible array of finished projects and their close-up details found in the included gallery.

Wayne Barton is the author of seven well-known books published in six countries and is the founder of The Alpine School of Woodcarving—the oldest establishment in North America specializing in and dedicated to the education, training, teaching, and encouragement of chip carving.

Barton teaches at a variety of colleges, clubs, institutions, and organizations across the US, Canada, and Switzerland, and is also a visiting artist and lecturer at the Chicago Art Institute. His work has been recognized and honored in special exhibition at the Swiss National Museum and can be found in other private collections around the world.

With Joy of Chip Carving, you'll learn from the best, be inspired by the gallery of Barton's finished work, and continue on your own path in the world of wood chip carving with a wealth of valuable knowledge and expertise.

"The chip carver will find everything he or she needs to experience the joy of chip carving."
—Damon Tolhurst, certified chip carving instructor

"Wayne Barton's Joy of Chip Carving exemplifies his masterful carving skill in both definition and illustration."
—Michael Keller, sixty-year woodcarving veteran

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