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Nebo Duo Headlight

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The NEBO DUO Headlamp is an all-powerful, hands-free lighting solution. The push button on/off button allows you to easily cycle through the FOUR light modes: one white LED (250 Lumens), 2 COB strips (80 Lumens) or 2 RED COB strips in steady or beacon mode. The red LED is a low-signature light, which ensures stealth in the dark, enhances night vision and makes reading in little to no light possible. The light from the 250-lumen power LED has a spot beam distance of 122 meters. Its signature 2 strip COB design fully illuminates your immediate area with its wide flood beam. The DUO Headlamp is tough, reliable, lightweight and completely shock-proof.

- High-power 250 lumen LED spot light
- 80 lumen COB flood light
- Red 10 lumen COB flood light
- Red beacon light

- Spot Light (250 lumens) - 3.5 hours / 122 meters
- COB Flood Light (80 lumens) - 7 hours / 13 meters
- Red COB (10 lumens) - 8 hours / 4 meters
 Red beacon light - 48 hours / visible over 1 mile

- Fully dimmable
- Water and impact-resistant
- Durable housing
- Power memory setting
- Direct-to-red feature

- Top-positioned, ON/OFF button

- Dual adjustable head strap

- Powered by 3 AAA batteries (included)

- 0.2 lbs.
- One size fits all

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