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Sandpaper Roll 2-3/4-in

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If you have the Shelter Sharpening System and need some replacement sheets of sandpaper for the float glass, this is a great option.

We prefer the 3M Rolls, although this sandpaper is a bit more expensive than some alternate brands it is far more durable. 

The 3M Stikit Gold Sheet Roll 216U features continuous lengths of A-weight paper, easily cut to size to greatly reduce product waste. Aluminum oxide mineral abrasive delivers a sharp cut and uniform finish during collision repair. These sheet rolls feature Stikit adhesive backing, making them exceptionally fast and easy to attach and remove using power or hand sanding equipment.

  • Adhesive-backed sheet is customizable to blocks, file shoes or pads, helping reduce waste
  • A-weight paper backing is ideal for featheredging or primer sanding
  • Aluminum oxide mineral provides fast cut and long abrasive life
  • Stikit sheets are easy to attach and remove
  • Anti-loading coating prevents dust and debris from clogging the cutting surface
  • Sharp Abrasive for a Refined Finish With its open coat construction and aluminum oxide mineral abrasive, the 3M Stikit Gold Sheet Roll 216U provides a sharp cut – more aggressive than a comparable closed coat abrasive of the same grade. Light A-weight paper backing and a range of medium-coarse to fine grits make the sheet ideal for sanding putties and primer. The Stikit Gold Sheet Roll 216U works with all collision repair substrates including clear coat, fiberglass, paint, primer and plastic.
  • Resists Dust and Debris

    Open coat construction means the abrasive grains on the 3M Stikit Gold Sheet Roll 216U are placed with space between them to help evacuate sanding dust and other debris to avoid clogging the cutting edge of the grains. The load-resistant coating on the abrasive grains also allows the sheet to continue cutting even when sanding paints and other materials that would otherwise clog the surface and hinder sanding ability. All of this adds up to increased productivity and reduced material consumption.

    Better Science for Better Sanding from 3M

    The 3M Stikit Gold Sheet Roll 216U is designed for long life – even for tough auto body sanding projects. From its aluminum oxide mineral abrasive to its anti-loading open coat construction to its Stikit attachment, this sheet roll is another way that 3M applies science to make life easier for professionals in collision repair.

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