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Timber Frame Cut Sheet Package 20-foot Wide Clear Span

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Our Cut Sheet Package includes a detailed drawing of each unique timber so that you have all the information you need to cut out this 20'x20' timber frame. This structure is the basis for the Hennin Timber Frame Kits. Pat and Patsy built a 20x30 version of this frame as their home in the early seventies.

The Cut Sheet Packet includes a detailed lumber and fastener list as well as the specifications of each joint. This structure is 20 feet wide x 20-feet long or 20ft wide by 30-feet long from outside-of-post to outside-of-post and the kneewall on the second floor is two feet tall. The 20x20 frame provides 400 square feet of space on the first floor and 300 square feet on the second floor. The 20x30 affords 600 square feet on the first floor and 420 square feet on the second floor. It makes a great camp, cottage, garage, studio, crib, pandemic-pad, Pilates studio, you name it. This is the classic Stable-Gable with no center post so you have a clear span on the first and second floor and great simplicity.

If you have attended one of our in-person classes or our online course, than you know the level of detail you can expect in this package. Cut sheets come with the elevation framing plans, joinery details, lumber list, fasteners list and peg locations.

If this building is not exactly the style you would like, our design team are happy to create a custom design with your input.

Upon purchase of this set of cut sheets, you will receive a PDF of them to print as well as a hard copy via mail. These are engineered plans created by a P.E. licensed in the State of Maine. If you are building outside of Maine, you may be required to have a P.E. local to your site sign off on the plans. Please verify this with your local Codes Enforcement prior to purchase as this item is non refundable. 

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