Tormek T-8 Woodturner Kit

Tormek T-8 Woodturner Kit

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THE MOST ADVANCED WATER COOLED SHARPENING SYSTEM AVAILABLE allows you sharpen your tools to the finest edge. Tormek’s innovative sharpening system has come to be appreciated worldwide for its unbeatable versatility, accuracy, and ease of use. T-8 maximizes the precision thanks to the revolutionary fully cast housing which guarantees minimal play for the Universal support. This gives you the best conditions possible to succeed with your sharpening.

Tormek’s unique drive system is efficient and manages to hold a constant speed, even under full load. The Tormek Original Grindstone sharpens all qualities of steel, including HSS. The machine features a number of elaborate details, like instant stone locking with EzyLock, water trough with lift and a removable magnet scraper for efficient cleansing.

Tormek T-8 magnum Bundle Includes:

  • Tormek T-8
  • Tormek Woodturners Kit

Product Features:

  • Easily shapes your tools exactly to your needs
  • Fully control the sharpening with low speed
  • Shock-resistant ABS lower housing
  • Carrying handle for easy transportation
  • Square edge jig
  • Stainless Steel Shaft with EzyLock - easy and instant locking/unlocking by hand
  • Advanced water trough with screw lift, magnet, water chute and scrape

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