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Turning Vintage Toys

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Attention, woodturners! Here is an exciting assortment of vintage wooden toy projects that hearken to bygone eras, perfect for creating gifts for your children and grandchildren that will become family heirlooms or to sell online or at your local crafts fair. Drawing primarily from Victorian and Edwardian eras, each wonderful toy project offers step-by-step instructions, cutting lists, wood recommendations, and techniques such as jigmaking and turning spheres and cylinders. In these 15 projects, crafters will find age-appropriate toys for toddlers to teens, including a diavolo for juggling, a yo-yo, toy soldiers and mice, colorful stacking discs, spinning tops, and bowling pins. More skilled toymakers will enjoy the challenge of crafting a kaleidoscope color top and a walking cow. Variations for each project allow crafters to personalize each toy, and a brief history of how and where the toy was used provides added value and interest. Author Chris Reid takes you through the creative process and even offers advice on what wood finishes are safe to use for children's toys. If you're a woodturner enthusiast, you'll appreciate that each project comes complete with drawings and photos from both the construction and the completed toy stages. Using beautiful graphic illustrations, the book is bright and energetic, as the author wants to impress upon you that making the toys should be as much fun for you, as the woodturner, as they will be for the children who end up playing with them. The toy projects are not difficult, and you'll find them interesting. You'll spend many pleasant hours in your workshop making the full complement of toys in this book. The list of toys includes all the "standards" as well as many that may be less well-known. Each chapter explains in an easy-to-understand manner how to create the following wooden toys: *Play Mice *Pencil Tops *Kaleidoscope Color Top *Stacking Discs *Yo-Yo *Skittles *Skipping Rope *Ball and Cup *Woodpecker *Table Quoits *Pecking Chickens *Stacking Figure *Diavolo *Music Man *Walking Penguin. Add this book to your shopping cart and start creating vintage toys today. Have fun playing with your children and grandchildren!

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