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Wood Wax

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Finish off raw wood handmade furnishings with a beautiful shine by using Wood Wax from the Real Milk Paint Co. This 100% natural wax made from plant-based materials makes a great choice for kitchen items, and it’s also eco-friendly for added peace of mind when used on surfaces your family uses daily.

Wood Wax provides the shine of wax and the long-term water protection of oil for versatility in use. Perfect for use on any raw wood furniture or decor, this wood salve also helps preserve and protect cutting boards and butcher blocks. Easy application and smooth coverage make this wood butter simple to use.

Preparation products from the Real Milk Paint Co. help clear the path for Wood Wax application on raw wood, and this wood salve requires only clean cloths for application to make the process fast and simple. When you want a natural shine that lasts, this wood butter fills the bill.


Feel good about finishing kitchen items with Wood Wax from the Real Milk Paint Co. Safe for food-contact surfaces, this nontoxic wood salve has a 100% natural formulation that includes plant-based walnut oil and carnauba wax, providing a vegan finishing option for everyday items such as wooden bowls and spoons. 


Make your DIY projects green and sustainable with environmentally friendly Wood Wax. This VOC-free wood butter also contains no solvents or petroleum, making it safe to use in enclosed spaces. The lack of harsh chemicals lets you use the items you cover with Wood Wax with confidence.


A unique quality of our Wood Wax is that its formulation is free of mineral oil. Despite its name, mineral oil is a by-product of petroleum. When crude oil is processed, there are multiple distillates that are derived from this process. One of these petroleum distillates is mineral oil. Some grades of mineral oil are classified as “food safe” while others are not. Because of the petroleum origin of mineral oil, we chose to avoid using it in the formulation of Wood Wax so that you can have peace of mind.


Preserve and protect handmade wood products with Wood Wax by the Real Milk Paint Co. Whether you wish to add sheen to butcher block countertops, seal over milk paint, or coat rustic chairs to showcase the beauty of their grain, this wood salve has you covered with an easy-to-apply formulation that cures quickly for fuss-free use in record time.


In addition to finishing raw wood, Wood Wax also works great for maintaining items you’ve already finished with it. For instance, it serves particularly well as a cutting board wax, allowing you to refresh this kitchen staple quickly and easily. Simply apply it with a clean cloth to projects when you need to refresh and rejuvenate their previous sheen.

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